Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Marley Thinks He is 100%

It's been 19 days since the surgery and The Marley's recovery is nothing short of amazing. These pictures are just before the staples were removed, when I bought the movie "Marley and Me". He always wants to watch it.

He doesn't need his giant megaphone lamp shade around his neck anymore because the scar from the plate removal healed up very fast. I mean really very fast. The Marley dog thinks he's 100% now and tries to jump and kill my jacket or pillow or anything else he thinks needs a good shake and kill.

If any of you have a Lab puppy of sort you know what I'm talking about. When they spin and jump then do figure eights and pretty much go into spastic happy frenzy!

Well, my job recognize when the whole spastic happy frenzy thingis about to happen and instantly calm the big monster down. All in all, my Marley is recovering above expectations. I just have to always remember he is still in a very fragile phase. My vet stated "His leg is like glass with holes from the screws"

Again The Marley and I wish to thank everyone for their donations and support.
Scott Nelson, Proud faithful companion of The Marley Dog.