Monday, March 9, 2009

The Marley did it again

The Marley had x-rays done again on his knee and hip, he had a ruptured cruciate ligament (its like a football type knee injury) about 9 months ago and we did two surgeries on it.

He started limping and went three legged and I freeked out. I wont know if anything is wrong for a few days until after the surgen looks the x-rays over.

Even though the x-rays were $200 I could never forgive myself if I didnt do everything I can to make certian everything that can be done is. I have Ins. on him but they wouldnt pay for the expensive surgery or anything else because of a 1yr wait for knee surgeries.

Soooo, to shorten my post, I started up to help with finances.

Would you all take a look at it and maybe give me some feed back?
Thanks everyone!