Monday, March 2, 2009

Dog Training Tips, How To Do Puppy Potty Training Outside

I'll be focusing on outdoor puppy potty training in this article of tips. All new puppy owners are faced with this challenge during the first day if not the first few hours of bringing puppy home. These tips are of the hands off praise method. No dog crates, rolled up newspapers, flyswatters, nose rubbing or spray bottles.
I have successfully trained my German Shepherd, my Golden Retriever and my Yellow Labrador Retriever using this method and for the most part is quite simple. Be prepared to lose a little sleep and of course there most likely will be a few accidents.
Your new puppy should be weaned and starting on his puppy food diet. I do recommend a good high quality dry food. There are a few books out that tell the awful truth about some of these “name brand” foods and the fillers and preservatives that are used. A little research in the food department will not only help puppy live a longer life but will give you peace of mind knowing exactly what goes in puppy.
Speaking briefly on what goes in puppy, don’t forget to check and see what comes out of puppy. Your vet should have a schedule for shots and worming with check ups. A good book called Vet Secrets Revealed will tell you what to look for and has many tips on emergency situations and how to diagnose and treat common illnesses. It’s a great book to have on hand and I highly recommend it.
O.K. so puppy is home now what?
· Make sure you have a designated spot outside for him to use. This is important as he will associate this spot with elimination. Before you play or go into the house you should take him there and give the go potty command. If by chance he actually does go, you must immediately praise him like he just saved the world. I don’t mean like a “good boy” and a pat on the head I mean like “PUPPY WENT POTTY, OH MY GOSH, YOU ARE THE BEST PUP IN THE WORLD, PUPPY WENT POTTY, EVERYONE COME OVER HERE AND LOOK AT THE PUPPY POTTY!”
· You are trying to let puppy know what potty is and where to do it. The more praise with the potty keyword in it the better.
· For the first week or two I always take puppy out immediately after waking up, after eating and anytime he starts sniffing or turning circles or maybe a whine.
When its time to potty, puppy should learn that it is the only reason he is outside, not to play or chew on something but only to potty. After the deed is done he comes back inside and gets to play.
That’s about it, be persistent and if inside accidents happen be sure to clean up with good detergent and take puppy outside again. He will catch on quickly.

If you would like an online course, with video and audio, check out "Puppy Schooling / Training Tricks"

Scott Nelson