Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Marley and I are Working Together Again!

Weve been working very hard the past few weeks with a new job. My job is to inspect homes and verify if they are occupied, vacant or damaged for mortgage companies.

The Marley's job is to keep me company, look really cool with his arm out the window while I'm driving, play with other dogs and sniff a lot of stuff when we inspect vacant homes.

He loves the drives because we are always on back roads surounded by trees. Although we are not going to get filthy rich doing this it gives us a good heads up on repo'd homes and others in foreclosure.

So we are kind of back in the real estate biz again!

The thing about going to other peoples homes is they also have doggies. So far we've been jumped on (the black Toyota) by 2 Malumutes, a Boxer puppy and a black Lab who had both paws up on the back of the Fore-runner as we were driving away.

But for the most part its enjoyable and the scratches will happen. The Marley dog is very good at socializing except when he is in the car, then its bark bark woof woof!!!

Weve done up to 100 inspections a day so a little play time is always a welcome break. And as you would expect, after 10 or 12 hours on the road we are Dog Tired when we get home! Like I said we wont be getting filthy rich doing this but working with my Marley makes up for it.

Scott and The Marley Dog