Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Marley and I Battle a Squirrel

The Marley and I had fierce competition with a squirrel that somehow made its way into the upstairs bedroom/office/storage of the house yesterday. Wow, and what a way to wake up.

Big Marley woke me ubruptly with the ususal morning "WOOF" but this time I could tell it was not a feed me or take me outside WOOF. Also it was just hitting sun-up and quite early I immedietly thought as my eyes focused on The Marley Dog.

He was staring intensly at the opposte end of the house and upstiars in a trance. I said a few early morning unpleasant words, rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. But The Marley would have no part of that and another couple big "WOOFS" got my attention.

So upstairs we went, no guns, knives or golf clubs but I had my favorite whacking stick just in case. All the while keeping The Marley as calm as I can because of his surgery he just had 4 weeks earlier. Again my sincere thanks to everybody at the Belfair Animal Hospital who genuinely give that extra love and care for the the goofy Marley Dog.

Anyway, I heard ruffling in the corner and as I investigated with no protection what ever except my underwear and of course, THE whacking stick a huge tree rat (squirrel) jumped at me and i think he was trying to kill me at six or so in the morning. Did you know they can climb walls and have no concept of GRAVITY?

Gosh those little disease infested varmits are fast! my immediet concern was my exposed body and The Marley Dog. "MARLEY STAY" and "MARLEY STAY" again just to make sure he absolutely knew this is a serious situation and then i saw the window with the screen on it of course. There were a few sign boards in the corner I use to promote my real estate busness so i gently reached for one.

O.K. now I have my guard dog, my whacking stick, (SWORD) and a nice firm cardboard sign, (SHIELD) which is all a good Viking really needs, to do battle with. Again, those little tree-rats are fast at 6:30 in the morning! The Marley stayed and franticly WOOFED while i swung and shielded my boxer brief clad body against this beast of burden and after gently taking the screen off the window I hearded him out the window apparently to the tree he uses anyway to gain access through that one screen missing on the soffet.

Major crisis avoided, (The Marley stayed and barked instead of confronting the intruder) GOOD BOY PUMPKIN! As for myself I just look up, give thanks for everything I have, which I like to do every morning, and time to start another day!

I sometimes wonder. Do All Dog Lovers Start Their Days Like This?