Monday, February 16, 2009

The Marley Dog is Still Limping

As much as I want to throw that tennis ball and run and play with The Marley he must be kept calm and quiet. I have a book on the DogDayShop site about veterinary secrets I think I'll look at. There is a lot of useful info in it about vaccines, food, what to do in an emergency and stuff like that.

We had a family get tegother on Valentines day and I let him out of the car to socialize with people. The Marley was so happy I thought he was going to pull and rip more ligaments and knee things. He was wiggling and spinning and smiling then he found a plastic bottle which he thought was the JACKPOT!!!

I'm freezing Kongs filled with peanut butter and a bisquet and it keeps him busy for a few hours.
But then its off for our two or three short walks on leash for rehab. All in all I need to update the vet people about his progress, (slow but healing) and keep the big guy happy.

My special thanks to the people at the Belfair Animal Hospital who take the time to follow up and give the personal care The Marley deserves.

Scott Nelson